Born in Australia, Zoë Knights is a singular artist and performer who has carved a unique niche in the field of contemporary performance. Her creations are distinct for their unity of sound, movement, lighting and design, inventions that produce transformative moments and mesmerizing synchronizations. Her productions have been praised for their visual and acoustic coherence, as well as their intensity and inventiveness.

After Graduating from David Atkins Performing Arts Studios in Sydney with honours, Zoë continued her training and choreographic development at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. In 2000 she received her diploma and began working as a performer in her own work as well as with such others as Martin Nachbar, Brice Leroux, Lito Walkey, Mia Lawrence, Jana Unmüssig, Krystina Lhotakova, Cabula6, and LawineTorrèn.

Zoë Knights works internationally as a choreographer, dancer, vocalist and actor. She currently lives and works in Berlin. She has received various prizes for both her choreographic and vocal work. She also regularly teaches classes in contemporary dance, choreography and composition, and mentors/advises BA and MA level students. Knights, continues to perform with other creators and to explore other fields of presentation.

Zoë is an accredited yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and teaches both private and group classes. Zoë's more recent work has dealt with the abstraction of non-dance movement into a choreographic form. She is currently exploring how voice, sound and language emerge from the body.

Assorted press for Zoë's work: Brochure (PDF)

Detailed Curriculum Vitae  

2011British Wheel of Yoga Teacher, Accreditation with Distinction, Triyoga, London, (2 yrs PT)
2000Diploma in Contemporary Dance and Choreography, SEAD Salzburg, Austria (3 yrs FT)
2000Tisch School of the Arts exchange program New York University, USA
1994Advanced Certificate in Performing Arts, David Atkins' Dance Studios Australia – recipient of the course medal (1yr FT)

Training/skills in contemporary dance, choreography, yoga, ballet, jazz, hip hop, funk, tap, african, singing (details below), acting, abseiling/aerial/helicopter performance. A.o.

2012Court Dance, Art Facts, March 2013, Rodey Theatre, University of New Mexico
2011And 10 times more, Bodhi Project, Republic Salzburg, ARGE Salzburg, The Place London, Schwankhalle Bremen, Angers, SEAD Salzburg
2010Babyjet, for Lawine/Torrèn, Klangwolke Linz 2010
 Drama Queen, Buda Kortrijk, Brut Wien Imagetanz, Uferstudios Berlin
 Lens, dance/media installation, in collaboration with Oliver Imfeld, Jeremy Xido and Magdalena Lepka, Tanzhouse Festival 2010/ARGE Salzburg
 (no-name), solo for performance directives project, “The Afterlife of a Gesture” by Lito Walkey, Labor Sonor Berlin
2008Suspense - Projekt 1, Arge Nonntal Salzburg
 Untitled until the Performance, Tanz_house festival '08, Toihaus, Salzburg
 Power Tower Linz, for Cataracts Productions, opening ceremony
 Year of the Hair installation project for galleries and store windows, Salzburg, Wien
 Death in the Count of 9 Les Reperages Festival, Lilles, France/Armunia Festival, Castiglioncello Italy/Sommer Szene Festival, Austria
 Grand Casino Opening for Cataracts Productions, Belgrade, Serbia
2007Death in the Count of 9 BUDA Kortrijk Belgium, City of Dance Festival Salzburg, International Contemporary Dance Festival, Bytom Poland
 Creativ fashion parade for Harlander Co., Vienna
 Dreaming in Haiku International Contemporary Dance Festival, Bytom Poland
 Installation Performance (unnamed), Fliegende Fische Werbeagentur Salzburg
 Loop live cinema/music/multimedia performance, Republic/Salzburg, w. Frank Jacob, DJ's - Sofa Surfers and Uwe Walkner
 Dreaming of Peace for Majmaz Ensemble, poetry/music/perf Salzburg
2006Dreaming in Haiku phase 2, Tanz-house Festival '06, Republic, Salzburg
 Leviathan for Lawine/Torrèn Productions, Mautern, Austria
 Mars 2068 for Lawine/Torrèn Productions, Sölden Austria
 ..2...4...... for Symphonic Dance, SEAD, Salzburg
 Dreaming in Haiku phase 1, ARGEKultur Salzburg
2005Europark 2 Eröffnung, for Cataracts Productions, Austria
 Teilung am Fluss Klangwolke Linz, for Lawine/Torrèn Productions, Austria
2004Oxymoron, duett für tänzer und kontrabassist (peter herbert), Republic,Salzurg
2003Taurus Rubens (birds, licht), for Lawine/Torrèn Productions/Red Bull, Salzburg
2001Zoe solo, Festival Tanz_house Herbst 01
 Nearly dance film, directed by Dominique Baudet
2000Der Kaiser von Atlantis Opera by Viktor Ullmann, with Der Jungen Philharmonie Salzburg, Republic, Salzburg
 The Botticelli Fruitcake 2. place, Choreografiewettbewerb Burghausen
 Bridges 2000 choreographic assistant, Millenium Projekt, by Lawine/Torrèn & Cataracts Productions
1999Naked in My Tent, Welttanztag, Republic, Salzburg
1998How Rapunzel Felt 2. place, Choreografiewettbewerb Burghausen, film version directed by Dominique Baudet
1997Captivation Brisbane Fringe Festival, Australia
1995/1996The Toymaker and Shadowplay for Jam Children's Theatre, Sydney, Adelaide Canberra Festivals
1994Centripetal Creation Dance Collection '94, The Performance Space, Australia
2013The Walk by Martin Nachbar, Sophiensaele Berlin, PACT Zollverein Essen
2012Weißer Wurf by Jana Unmüßig, Tanznacht Berlin
 wenn der Wald still ist by Jana Unmüßig, Kunstwerke, Berlin
 The Walk by Martin Nachbar, Sophiensaele Berlin, FFT Düsseldorf
2011Hannibal by Lawine/Torrèn, Sölden, Austria
2010Babyjet, by Lawine/Torrèn, Klangwolke Linz 2010
 Drama Queen by Zoë Knights, Buda Kortrijk, Brut Wien, Uferstudios Berlin
 Lens by Zoë Knights with No Problem Productions, Jeremy Xido + Magdalena Lepka Tanzhouse Festival 2010/ARGE Salzburg
2008Hannibal for Lawine/Torrèn Productions, Sölden, Austria
 Gravitations by Brice Leroux/Continuum, France
2007Sculpture Park Project, Munster, Belgium – extra performer
 White Club improvisation performance, salzburg
 Café Bon Bon by Cabula6, Impulstanz Vienna
 Dreaming in Haiku - Int. Contemporary Dance Festival Bytom, Poland
 Opening Performance, Ensemble Hackl & Co., Hellbrun, Salzburg
 Installation perf. By Zoë Knights, for Fliegende Fische Werbeagentur Salzburg
 Loop live cinema/music/multimedia performance, Republic/Salzburg, w. Frank Jacob, DJ's - Sofa Surfers and Uwe Walkner
 Eric Papilaya - Euro Vision winner - Soldier of the Year Award, for Lawine/Torrèn
 On Earth by Cabula6, Tanzquartier Vienna
 Dreaming of Peace for Majmaz Ensemble, poetry/music/perf Salzburg
2006Dreaming in Haiku - phase 2, Tanz-house Festival '06, Republic, Salzburg
 Leviathan for Lawine/Torrèn Productions, Mautern, Austria
 Elusive Remains installation performance, Vienna
 Mars - 2068 for Lawine/Torrèn Productions, Sölden, Austria
 Dreaming in Haiku-phase 1, Szene Salzburg/Republic
2005Angel Central by Jeremy Xido/Cabula6, Tanzquartier Vienna
 Dreaming in Haiku-phase 1, ARGEKultur Salzburg
 Teilung am Fluss by Lawine/Torrèn, Klangwolke Linz
2004Oxymoron, duet with contrabassist/composer Peter Herbert, Republic/Salzburg
2002-2004Brice Leroux/Company Continuum, Gravitations,and Quasar - tours in France (incl. Theatre de la Ville,Theatre National de Bretagne/Nantes), Belgium (incl. Kai Theatre, Kuensten Festival), Netherlands, Italy, Austria (Tanzquartier Wien)
2004Improvisation Performance with Peter Herbert, Salzburg Jazz Seminar
2003Improvisation Performance with Peter Herbert, Salzburg Jazz Seminar
1997-2010Various projects with Lawine/Torrèn: including "Mars - 2068", "Hannibal '01-10", "Hangar 7 - Taurus Rubens", "Re-pair:a possibility" Bagnolet Platform Wien '02, Audi Wien, Hagenau, Bridges 2000 etc.
2001Trans-it by Krystina Lhotakova/Lladislav Soukup, tours in Germany + Czech Repub
 Zoë by Zoë Knights, Festival Tanz_house Herbst 01, Salzburg
2000Through the glass, deeply by Mia Lawrence, Sommerszene Festival, Salzburg
 Antelope Susan Quinn Dance Company, Festival Tanz_house Herbst '00, Salzburg
 Don Giovanni, Salzburger Festspiele, extra
1997Captivation by Zoë Knights, Brisbane Fringe Festival, Australia
1995/1996The Toymaker and Shadowplay for Jam Children's Theatre, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra Festivals
1995/1996Performance Installation, Museum of Modern Art, Sydney Australia
1994Centripetal Creation by Zoë Knights, Dance Collection '94, The Performance Space Sydney Australia
2012/2013The Walk Martin Nachbar, Sophiensaele Berlin, FFT Düsseldorf, PACT Essen
2008Other Peoples Pain voice-over, Cabula6
2007Cafè Bon Bon by Cabula6, Impulstanz Vienna
 On Earth by Jeremy Xido/Cabula6, Tanzquartier Wien vocalist with Mani Obeya (Sofa Surfers)
 Dreaming of Peace Majmaz Ensemble, Salzburg
2006Elusive Remains performance/installation Vienna
 (Add. training) extensive coaching by Venetta Fields (backing vocalist for Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, John Farnham...)
 Soundtrack vocals for Lawine/torrèn Productions/Red Bull, Austria
2003/2004(Add. training) Meredith Monk workshop, NYC/Jazz workshop with Theo Bleckmann, Salzburg jazz seminar 04 + 03
1999Vocals and lyrics for Lx.B "Marguerita"
1998Lx.b. feat. Haader "The Zoe Project" - winners Austrian Finals, European Groove Box competition, vocals and lyrics
1996/1997Cafe of the Gate of Salvation (a capella) - Australian Record Industry Award winners 95/96
1995/1996Six Degrees of Modulation (a capella) – various venues, Sydney, Australia

Voice Type: Coloratura soprano with a wide vocal range. Training in classical, muscial theatre, jazz and contemporary music. Teachers include Johanna Peine, Theo Bleckmann (Men in Black soundtrack, Meredith Monk, Ben Monder Trio a.o.), Venetta Fields (eg. Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Pink Floyd, Aretha Franklin a.o.), Geraldine Turner, Irene Bartlett a.o.

2012B-Dance by Christel Fruehoj-Soreson: short film based on rehearsal process of Court Dance.
2010Film work on 'Lens' with No Problem Productions and Cabula6
1997-2011Various videoclips for Lawine/Torrèn Productions, Austria
1999Short film "Cookie", directed by Dominique Baudet, Austria
1998Dance film How Rapunzel Felt chor. Zoe Knights, directed by odminique Baudet
1997Channel 7 Australia Day Television special "A Gift to the Nation"
1995Short film "Reunion", directed by Cate E. Athas, Sydney, Australia
2014Teaching morning class MA/BA students HZT Berlin
2013Mentor for BA student HZT Berlin
 Mentor for MA student UNM, Albuquerque
2012Guest Professor, Fall Semester Sept-Dec. 2012/2013 University of New Mexico Dance Department, Albuquerque U.S.A. Subjects: Choreography 11 (BA students), Creative Investigations (MA students), Stretch and Strength /Yoga (BA students), Mentoring for MA Choreography students.
 Yoga for beginners, Open level yoga, substitute teacher Studio K77 March-Sept.Yoga for dancers, substitute teacher for Jennifer Mann, Marameo studio
2011Mentor for M.A. Choreography student, HZT Berlin
 Dance workshop, Outnow! Festival, Schwankhalle Bremen
2010Atelier 'Performance Directives' Postdam, invited artist
 Schnittmuster Lab' invited artist, by Nicole Haitzinger + Lisa HinterreithnerTanzbüro Salzburg
2009Rehearsal assistant, "Looking for Johnny" by Martin Nachbar & Jeroen Peeters, Burning Ice Festival "Re-routing Mobility", Kaai Studios Brussels
2008Movement coach for "Other People’s Pain" by Jeremy Xido/Cabula6, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Kaitheatre Brussels, Szene Salzburg, Vienna
2002-2008Visiting yoga teacher, full-time dance programme, SEAD, Salzburg
2007Curator, "Markier Dein Revier" Tanzbüro/Szene Salzburg
2006Contemporary dance workshop for Dansart/Passerelle Belgium
2005Classes in yoga and production for full-time dance programme, SEAD, salz
2003Choreographic coaching for the solo performance by Claudia Heu/Lisa Hinterreithner, "Someone, please"
2002/2003Classes in contemporary dance and composition, preparatory students, SEAD

Work 2001 - 2011:
Funded by: Stadt Salzburg Kultur, Land Salzburg Kultur, Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur Österreich, Erste Sparkasse Kulturfonds.
Co-productions and Residencies with: Tanzfabrik Berlin, Brut Wien, BUDA Kortrijk, Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, Szene Salzburg/Republic, ARGE Kultur, SEAD Salzburg