Research presentation in the frame of Aerosol LAB 2021: "AE"

A solo investigation of embodiment of voice based on a subjective exploration of homeland, the visceral influence of nature, indigenous peoples, and colonialism on bodily memory. All physical actions, sound and light are created live by the performer during the filming of this video. Here I work with layering of musical and performative activities, (within this context purely through digital performance), but with the aim to place this eventually in a live setting so that the audience experiences through differing media filters simultaneously.


"AE", Edited Version (14 mins):

"AE", Full length (28 mins):


Notes: The original version is live and unedited. No sounds are pre-recorded, all performed and looped during presentation. The initial sound is quite low.

Additional Media

From "Breath to Matter" Podcast interview:

Thanks to The Aerosol LAB crew: Jule Flierl (Instigator,co-curator), Mika Hayashi Ebbesen ( co-curator), Mars Dietz ( Technical), Nara Virgens ( Production), and Lab participants: Anna Nowicka, Myriam Van Imschoot, Federico Luz, Edka Jarząb, Siegmar Zacharias, Emilia Kurylowicz and Karol Tymiński