Zoë Knights: "Court Dance"

Court Dance is a group work for 9 dancers which appropriates the movements of professional sports players and sculpts them into abstract choreographic form. Void of such elements as competition and arena, Court Dance allows us to observe physical prowess outside the context of sport, as a dance of bodies dependent on and created through a group dynamic. Displacing these sports gestures without their natural resolution creates rhythms unusual to dance, and allows us to observe details, peculiarities, beauty and surprising sentiment in movements normally at the periphery of our attention.


Choreography: Zoë Knights
Rehearsal Director: Lisa Nevada
Dancers: Dalila Baied, Peter Bennett, Kevin Clark, Camille Duran, Liz Groth, Sarah Hogland, Roxana Jian, Elysia Pope, Dalton Valerio
Understudies: Noelle Encinias, Luz Guillen
Light Design: Nathan Capriglione
Sound: William Liotta
Costume: Amaris Puzak
Set/Props: Lydia Berenice Lopez
Video documentation: Creation and direction of documentary archiving the rehearsal process: Christel Fruehøj Sørensen

Performances to Date

22 Feb - 3 March 2013, UNM's Rodey Theatre, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Duration: 30 minutes


Documentary on the making of "Court Dance" by Christel Fruehøj Sørensen: https://vimeo.com/57458963