Zoë Knights: "Suspense"

"Suspense - Project 1" is the first presentation in a long-term research project based on the notion of the glowing body and its relationship to movement, light and enlightenment. It is a process which eventually aims to achieve seemingly "impossible" scenographic and kinaesthetic tasks. In this initial stage of development, the first steps towards understanding and achieving these goals have been explored.


Choreography: Zoë Knights
Dance: Anna Müller, Hana Kosikova, Julia Schwarzbach, Rotraud Kern
Movement material: Anna Müller, Hana Kosikova, Julia Schwarzbach, Rotraud Kern, Mirjam Klebel
Light concept: Zoë Knights
Light design: Koen Moerman
Sound: Pol Isaac
Costume design: Germana Tack und Annemie Depaepe
Video Documentation: Gerhard Klocker
Camera: Michael Riegler
Production: Elfi Eberhard

Performances to Date

9 December 2008

Duration: 50 minutes

Co-presented by: Arge Kultur Salzburg Supported by: BMUKK, Land Salzburg Kultur, Stadt Salzburg Kultur, Tanz House Salzburg